Round the Horn Regroup

This drill is suitable as a great flow drill. It encourages speed throght the neutral zone, practice with re-grouping, and precision passing.


Players line up behind the blue lines at all four corners. Each line has pucks. The first player in line begins drill by passing laterally to the line directly across from him. The player getting that pass headmans the puck to the line in front of him. These two players then leave their repective lines following the puck. They should stay wide in their lanesthrough the neutral zone until the pass reaches the fourth man, they then quickly turn up ice to receive the pass from where the puck started for the fifth pass.(note each pass is numbered on the diagram) The two players break in on a 2vs0. The drill begins again from the opposite direction.


1.Challenge players by asking the puck carrier to drive low in the offensive zone and then delay (tight turn to boards with puck) then hitting the 2nd man in the slot for a shot.
2.Increase the difficulty by adding an additional regroup getting the fifth pass to the forwards who turn up ice add give a sixth pass to the line in front of them, which they return.
3.Have a defensive palyer or players pick up the rush from the back of the lines.

Cues Accelleration and high tempo through neutral zone (keep feet moving). Quick one touch passes. Create width and depth on the ice in attack and neutral zones. Quality shot and scoring cahnces on net.

Thanks to Malcolm Sutherland for his weekly drill submissions.

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