D 2nd MAN 2 vs 1

F1 moves forward over the red line with a puck D1 moves to the red line, accelerates backwards and receives pass from F1 F1 continues wide to the far boards and F2 moves to fill middle lane D1 steps up and passes to F2 who quickly touch passe to F1 in the wide lane After passing, D1 jumps into the rush - 3 vs 0 attack After scoring chance, D1 quickly moves out to the blue line and F1 picks up a puck Pass to D1 at the point for a shot with F's in front screening / tipping After scoring chance, goalie makes an outlet pass to either F F's attack D1 2 vs 1 going the other way Drill continues with D2, F3 and F4 Defense cues: quick feet, keep the feet moving, create space, head up Forward cures: time movement off the boards, maintain eye contact with the puck, control skating speed, stick down, expect the pass

Thanks to Kameron Brothers for his drill submissions.

Coach Toronto Young Nationals Peewee
Director PASS Hockey Enterprises (www.passhockey.com/)