A One On One With A Twist

Most coaches like to work their defensemen with 1 on 1's and so do I. This is a nice drill for it because of the other things it works as well.

Start out with defensemen in a line just off center - you need will pucks there. Also form a line of forwards along the boards in the corner to the hash marks with pucks there as well. A goaltender in each net.

1. The first defenseman (D IN DIAGRAM) in the line will break toward the blue line to pick up a pass from the first forward (F IN DIAGRAM) and then shoots it on net.

2. Immediately after the shot, he breaks back up the ice, to defend against the same forward who passed him the puck.

3. The forward breaks up ice and receives his pass from the next defenseman and thengoes 1 on 1 against the first defenseman.

4. The defenseman who passed the puck to the forward repeats the processes as the in number 1.


1. Have the drill based on non-specific positions. ie: The player who just did the drill as a forward becomes a defenseman in the next run.

2. Operate the drill as a CHASE or GET BACK drill. In this scenario, the forward receives his break out pass as soon as the defenseman shoots the puck on net. The defenseman then has to turn and chase down or get back into position to avert a break away. This simulates nicely a blocked shot from the point. It also encourages the defenseman to get the shot away quickly.

3. Place a man in front of the net where the shot from the point is taken for a deflection - works both fowards and the goaltender on deflections and rebounds, simulating a powerplay situation with a shot from the point.