Half Ice Passing and One-Timers

If you are going to work on passing and the dreaded One-Timer, why not try out this drill. It's quick and easy and it works passing, shooting, and goaltending.

The Letter A indicated a line of players starting at the right corner hashmarks. All players have pucks. Place three other players as indicated by the letter X's - one inside the blueline right, one inside the blueline left, and one at the bottom of the circle left.

The first player in the A line, passes to the right X and skates hard up the boards, cutting through the middle of the two top X's.

The right X passes quickly across the top left X, he then passes down to the bottom left X, and then he will hit the breaking A with an across the goal mouth pass.

You can vary this drill by having the bottom player pass to the high slot, move the bottom X up to the top of the circle for a tip in pass to the breaking A. There are all sorts of variations you can add.

You can run this drill at both ends at the same time. Remember to stop and switch sides.