passing to the open ice

This drill is to promote passing to the open ice and jumping into the open ice.

1. Divide players into 2 groups in one end.

2. First player in the line with the pucks (A) lays a pass to just above the hash marks across the ice (1) then drives to the boards just above where he has just passed.

3. First player in line w/o pucks (B) waits until puck leaves passers stick then moves to corral puck. He then passes off the boards to just outside the blueline (2) then drives across the ice to the boards to retrieve the next pass.

4. Player A picks the puck up from the boards and passes across to the open wing (3) then heads to the net trying to remain onside.

5. Player B skates onto puck and carries across the blue line . Then he passes across to the far slot area for player A to one time a shot on net. Both players follow to the net for a rebound.

The principles to this drill are as I said , passing to the open ice areas and moving into these areas to pick up pucks. Most of these passes should be one-touch passes and are not bullet passes but usually raised passes. When I first introduce this drill I usually place pylons to mark the areas to pass to and skate to. After players become familiar with this drill I remove them so as not to interfere with passes or skaters. Using this drill has taught players to not sit and watch their passes but drive ahead into a better position. I sometimes place coaches in areas of the ice to represent possible checkers or defencemen so that players get used to driving between or behind the opposition to receive a pass.

Thanks to Bobby Orr Jr. (no ,not related) for his drill submissions.

Head Coach
Brockville Bantam Warriors
Brockville ,Ontario , Canada