Back Check Drill

Players are as shown in diagram 1 forwards who will attack the goal
2 Defence who will pick up one attacker
3 forwards who will act as a back checker
4 forward who will attack with player from line 1
Drill starts on coaches word one player from each line will skate down ice. Coach will give the pass to either player 1 or 4 you will attack the net.

Players from line 2 and 3 will pick up a player and stop the attack.

End of drill fore checker goes to the attack line

1. Coach does not pass the puck forcing the forwards to regroup
2. Can add two more lines to make it a 3 on 3. Can be either 2 D and 1 F or 1 D and 2 F coaches choice.

Thanks to Arleigh Robar for his drill submissions.
Coach Bantam AAA
Halifax ( St Margeret Bay)