Breakout flow drill

Setup drill as per diagram
Forwards in each corner f2 and f3
Place one D at center D2
Remainder of D split evenly behind each net D1 and D3
Pucks behind each net

1. Start drill by having player or coach skate around low circle facing D1. Stop at hash mark if pass is not made.
2. F2 leaves corner and times his stretch skate to receive pass from f1 in the middle of the ice. (your choice inside or outside blue line).
3. F2 turns up ice taking D2 one on one.
4. D1 follows up play to play the next one on one.
5. F1 returns to end of line F2
6. After F2 finish his one on one he must skate same pattern as F1 did and receive a break out pass from D3. At this time F3 has control skate and will receive a pass from F2.
7. F3 will take D1 one on one. D3 follows up play.
8. Drill now just keep repeating itself.

1. D's can jump up and become support for the attacking forward or to receive a drop pass
2. Turn drill into a two on one by sending two F out of corner at same time. ( have one forward skate high to push D away from pass in middle of ice)
3. Turn it into a three on two by having f1 jump into the play as second wave. Again D can jump up and support the play. Keep them one zone behind.
4. Add another D and it becomes a three on two.

Thanks to Arleigh Robar for his drill submissions.
Arleigh Robar
Sports Consulting Services
Adv II Canada Level Coach
St Margrets Bay Halifax NS
Bantam AAA